About Us

Philip James | Oct 9
Kristine Marie | June 10
Madisyn Lindsay | Nov 3, 2000
Kasie Marie | Feb 26, 2003
Camden James | April 5, 2005

Anniversary | May 22

Kristine and Phil met during their freshman year at Pensacola Christian College, where Kristine pursued a degree in Commercial Art and Phil prepared for the ministry as a Missions major. Upon graduation, they served on the staff of PCC for three years. Kristine used her creative talents working in the Publishing Department of ABeka Books. Phil supervised the Promotion Office while also serving as a Congregational Songleader for the Campus Church and Rejoice in the Lord national telecast. Under the ministry of Dr. Jim Schettler, Phil also served as a Lay Shepherd, fulfilling the functions of a deacon in the Campus Church. For the past seven years, Phil has served in various pastoral roles, with his most recent ministry as Senior Pastor of Clermont Baptist Church in Clermont, FL.

The Lord has blessed them with three wonderful children. Madisyn is growing up to be a godly young lady who has a love of literature. Kasie takes after her mommy as the artist of the family. Many have commented that Camden is simply a smaller version of Phil. He is “all boy” and claims that one day he, too, will be a preacher.

Favorite Color: Blue
Likes: Fountain Pens, Ducati motorcycles, Jeeps,
Acoustic Guitars, Books
Hobbies: Golf, Hiking, Camping, Photography

Favorite Color: Blue
Likes: Books, Fine Art
Hobbies: Drawing, Reading, Photography


Favorite Color: Pink
Likes: Anything American Girl, Books
Hobbies: Reading, Swimming, Playing with Dolls


Favorite Color: Blue
Likes: Anything American Girl, Art Supplies
Hobbies: Drawing, Swimming, Playing with Dolls


Favorite Color: Blue
Likes: Lego Star Wars, Castles & Knights, Bikes
Hobbies: Wrestling with Daddy, Snuggling with Mommy