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RUNNING TO AND FRO…Along with changing colors and cooler temperatures, Fall brings a busy schedule for missionaries.  That was certainly the case for the Liens.  We spent September in Ontario, Wisconsin, and Michigan (and a brief reconnection with some missionary friends in Chicago, IL). During the month of October, we were all over the map!  The stops along the way included:  British Columbia, Nebraska, Washington, California, Kentucky, South Carolina, and back to California (yes, in that order!).  Needless to say, that involved many, many miles of travel.  Thank you for

the prayers for our safety, but keep that continually in your prayers. In the midst of all that traveling, we managed to make ten border crossings in and out of Canada without incident. For those who have ever traveled into Canada for ministry purposes, you know how big of a praise that is!

THE SCRIPTURES INTO EVERY HOME IN CANADA…That’s the goal set by Bearing Precious Seed of Ontario. We participated by going door-to-door in Brampton, Ontario, to distribute some of the copies of Scripture. In one of the neighborhoods, Kristine was able to visit with a talkative Muslim man about the Bible. It was good for Kasie and Madisyn to witness this friendly discussion, too. Please pray for Hanif and his salvation. The pastor has his phone number so that they can follow up on him.

INSIGHT INTO MISSIONARY LIFE…The most direct route from Ontario to Wisconsin involved a high speed ferry across Lake Michigan. That was quite an adventure, especially since we experienced 7-8 foot swells on the ferry. Our children have a new appreciation for all of the missionaries who had to sail to the Far East by ship!  We also gained some insight into life in Indonesia after meeting up with missionary Ron Caasi and his family. The Caasi family serve in Surabaya, the second largest city in Indonesia. Kristine was able to ask Heidi Caasi many questions that will be helpful as she plans what she should bring to the country next year.  We are thrilled about this new friendship that will surely bring years of mutual encouragement.

INSPIRING THE NEXT GENERATION OF MISSIONARIES…The Lord has given us many opportunities to speak to students in Children’s Church as well as Christian schools about missions. At a conference in Louisville, we were thrilled to see 5 teens surrender to missions! In Lancaster, Phil enjoyed the opportunity to be a guest lecturer in the Philosophy of Missions class at West Coast Baptist College.  During the missions conference at WCBC, two college students told us that they feel called to be missionaries in Indonesia. Please pray for these individuals as God works in their lives and as they receive training for mission work!  We are praying that the Lord of the harvest will continue to send forth laborers into His harvest!


Praising God that we are at 67% and rising!

Praying that churches we’ve visited this summer will start partnering with us.

Preparing to present our ministry to a BIMI Mission work in Honduras in December!


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Connection Sept-Oct 2011



  1. Beth Gelatt

    It has been so good to get to know you during this missions conference! God Bless you in all that you do!!

  2. A insightful blog post right there mate . Thank you for that .

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