Doing What We Could

[ Mk 14.1-9 ] “She hath done what she could…” (v.8)

As Mary broke that alabaster box and anointed her Lord for burial, she received that commendation from our Savior. It wasn’t a comment about the least that she could do, but about the most that she could do. It was a costly act. It was a criticized act. It was a cross-conscious act. And it was a compensated act. She did what she could; she didn’t hold back.

The One who humbled Himself to leave heaven’s glory to be hammered to a cross for our sins certainly deserves everything that we could do. If we as Christians will emulate Mary’s passion and do what we could, there is no telling what kind of impact we could have on global evangelization. The Devil understands this; that’s why he does what he could to prevent such an assault on hell’s gate. He has often used deception to lead a Christian astray. He uses distraction to hinder the work of God. He dilutes our desires for holiness. He derails our path toward godliness. He denies his own defeat and hopes to delay his own demise. And he detests anyone who desires to “do what he/she could.” Don’t let Satan succeed! By God’s grace, we can also “do what we could” for the cause of missions…and we must!

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