Fire Alarm!

We arrived back to our hotel room last night after a long day of serving the Lord. We rejoiced with a young church plant that celebrated their second anniversary. I preached during the Sunday School hour and sang for the two main services. Pastor Wiebe, the founding pastor, preached in the main service with humor, insight, and vision. Dubbed the Ice Road Preacher from Tuktoyaktuk (, Pastor Steve Donley taught us in the afternoon service how to pray for missionaries. The two services were bridged by food and fellowship. (Of course! What did you expect at a Baptist church anniversary :))

We barely had enough time to rest briefly in the afternoon before heading out to another church for the evening service. A 50 minute drive took an hour and a half as we waded through thick Toronto traffic. I thought to myself, “Get used to it. Jakarta traffic is much worse.” Although we reached our destination a little later than anticipated, we still had enough time to set up our display and mingle with folks before the service. To be candid, I was dog tired from a long week of traveling and a full day of services already. But I was excited to preach! So I whispered a Samsonian prayer for “strength – one more time” as I approached the pulpit to share our vision for Indonesia and proclaim the Truth of God. The Lord blessed with tremendous liberty and many responded at the invitation.

All that in one day! So by the time we got back to our hotel, we were looking forward to plopping down in bed. Even though it was the seventh different bed in the last nine nights, our tired bodies molded to them with day-old familiarity. Then it sounded! The fire alarm…piercingly loud and inconveniently timed!

Everyone in our family responded differently. I quickly muffled the irritating alert. Kristine thought to call the front desk to see if there was real danger. Each of my children responded to their first fire alarm differently also. Madisyn was frightened by it, not knowing what will happen. Kasie was trying to sort out the concern as she went along with her siblings. Camden sensed an urgent need to do SOMETHING…even though he wasn’t quite sure what he was supposed to do!

The world is populated by almost seven billion people; most know not of a saving relationship with Jesus. The reality of Hell is an undeniable divine truth! As a missionary, I am privileged to preach in many churches and “sound the fire alarm” about the imminent peril of those without Christ. Many times I have observed differing responses to that alarm from God’s people. Some try to muffle the inconvenient alert. Some wonder if there is real danger for billions without Christ. Some become frighten while others are simply trying to sort out this whole missions thing. Indeed, some sense the urgency, but aren’t quite sure what they can do about it. The next time a missionary comes to your church and sounds the “fire alarm,” what will your response be?

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  1. Hello Bro.Lien

    A good read at 1:50AM Sunday morning…I can’t sleep. :o)
    Something to think about though, our Mission’s conference is just around the corner – Oct.20th – 23rd.

    Privilege to be labourers together for the cause of Christ.

    I guess I can pray for you and your family right now as you continue to travel and raise support – I can’t sleep.


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