Be A Missionary

A great start to Missions Conference here in Ontario. While at pastor’s house, a gentleman walked in carrying dinner for all missionaries. Not only did the scent of dinner catch our attention, but so also did the song he was singing. He humorously sang this rendition of “Be A Missionary Everyday” – Be a missionary everyday. See the world and never have to pay! We chuckled at this, but afterward it made me think about all the things pre-field ministry allowed us to see. In addition to presenting our ministry at some wonderful churches, we enjoyed some travel opportunities along the way. Just this summer alone, our family adventures included:

The Grand Canyon; Soulwinning in Las Vegas (who says you can’t win anything in Vegas?); the Navajo Reservation; Canyon de Chelly; Humphreys Peak (Arizona’s highest peak); Sequoia National Park; Los Angeles; San Francisco; Vancouver, BC; Vancouver Island & Victoria, BC…to name just the highlights. Our children have received an educational experience that is like no other! And we owe it all to God’s calling on our lives to serve Him as missionaries.

Yes, the ministry does have its perks and privileges. The trade off is spending hours and hours in our family van and nomadically living out of suitcases. Would I rather be doing something else? No way!



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  1. Arrout Family, Rock of Ages

    I made the switch from French Roast to Sumatra and I can’t have my morning coffee without praying for the Lien’s.
    May God continue to bless you!

    In His reasonable service,
    Greg, Amber, and Johanna Arrout
    Even so, come, Lord Jesus.

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