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Redeeming The Time

Summer has flown by for the Lien family! We feel blessed to have presented our ministry to over a dozen churches during these past three months.  In addition to sharing our vision for Indonesia, we worked with our church’s VBS, Phil preached for a couple of pastors who were out of town, and we visited a mission work on the Navajo Reservation. Our summer richly overflowed with opportunities to serve.

Increasing In Wisdom

We were involved in numerous educational endeavors this summer. In June, the family spent a week at BIMI finishing up our final week of Candidate School. In July, we attended the Spiritual Leadership Conference in Lancaster, CA. There we were challenged by the preaching and edified by the sessions specifically for missionaries. August brought a week of training at BIMI’s Church Planting School. We have now completed all the classes required by BIMI.  In the midst of all the ministry opportunities, Phil completed an online course on Spiritual Formation as part of his graduate studies. Last but not least, Kristine began school with the kids at the end of June. Ironically, we have found that deputation is less busy during the summer, so it is a good time to get a head start on homeschooling. Consequently this summer was filled with learning opportunities for all.

Sowing The Seed

The most important task assigned to us as Christians is sharing the Gospel of Christ with others. This summer, we have had many opportunities to go soul-winning in cities such as Las Vegas, NV and San Diego, CA. Please pray in particular for Tony and Samuel  as our host churches follow up with them after Phil presented the Gospel to them.  We were blessed to discover that the practice of sharing the Gospel is whole-heartedly embraced by our daughter Kasie. She had been playing with a girl in the neighborhood when she learned that her new friend Celia is Jewish. Kasie then proceeded to make a card for Celia and explained in a simple childlike way the plan of salvation using John 3:16. She asked permission to leave the card at Celia’s door. We had to leave the very next day, but we were pleased to see Kasie continuing to play with and talk to Celia before our departure. It brings joy to our hearts to see our children develop a burden for souls and a boldness to share Christ with their others. Would you join our children in praying for Celia’s salvation?

Lifting Up Praise

God has answered many of our prayers since our last newsletter in May. The first praise concerns Kristine’s mom’s battle with brain cancer. Cindy’s condition has improved so significantly that the doctors are taking her off of her monthly chemo and will continue to monitor her with MRIs. This miraculous outcome is a result of your prayers, so we thank you for lifting her before the Great Physician. She has used her cancer as a tool to share Christ with others and has greatly impacted the hospital where she receives her treatments. Please continue to pray for Cindy because we are convinced that her healing is a direct answer to churches praying for her.

Another praise is that we have tenants renting our house. We had it on the market to sell, but through a friend we were told of a youth pastor in our town that needed to rent a home. It was a perfect fit for both of us! If everything works out, they intend to buy our house within a year! Please pray that God will allow this to transpire before our departure.

More Than Half Way

To the Lord’s praise, we are at 56% of our needed support!

Appreciating Your Prayers

Please pray for…

  • Physical health for all
  • The children as they work on their schooling
  • Safety on the road and in the air as we will travel to many States & Provinces over the next few months
  • Wisdom as we make decisions about our future in Indonesia
  • Endurance as we face a busy fall schedule

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Connection June-August 2011


  1. Doug Sallee

    That is wonderful news about Cindi’s remarkable healing and wittness. Glad to hear things are working out for house situation. Praying for you,

  2. Barbara Porter

    You are in my prayers!

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